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Enter Degen City: The future of virtual communities for Degens, Powered by RLTY

Degens and RLTY are announcing their partnership, bringing together an immersive 3D space. The exclusive launch event is scheduled for May 30th, marking RLTY’s first-ever permanent space collaboration with a community. Significantly, RLTY recently introduced its immersive 3D experience platform, making this partnership even more thrilling. Let’s dive in!

Degens and RLTY Collaborate for Immersive 3D Space.

RLTY x Degens: Unveiling Degen City

RLTY and Degens have joined forces! Excitingly, RLTY recently unveiled its immersive 3D experience platform.
And now, they are taking it a step further by collaborating with Degens for their first-ever permanent space. With perpetual access, this space will serve as an exciting and practical virtual home for the Degens community and their upcoming events. Urkann, the founder of Degens Factory, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership.

Dubbed “Degen City,” RLTY has meticulously crafted a unique space dedicated to the Degens community. The area boasts an interactive stage for speakers, a vibrant Degen bar, well-equipped meeting rooms, an enticing NFT shop, an awe-inspiring art gallery, and a plethora of delightful surprises awaiting exploration.

Step Inside the Degens Metaverse Adventure!

So, how can we attend? The kickoff event will commence at 5:00PM CET. Markedly, it offers exclusive access limited to just 128 attendees. Although this is open to the public, members of the Degens community can explore the space before the start time and even after the event.

The event will start with a dynamic “Twitter spaces” style discussion on the stage. Following this, attendees will have time to immerse themselves in the various features of the RLTY space. Moreover, attendees can freely explore the surroundings while engaging in the conversation. This is because the speaker’s audio will be audible from anywhere in the room. In addition, the event will include exclusive surprise elements. These include the option to resize your avatar, request the microphone, engage in global chat, and enjoy a social wall.

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By: Emily Neale
Title: Enter Degen City: The future of virtual communities for Degens, Powered by RLTY
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