Monday, Apr 15, 2024

NVIDIA Saves Crypto Bull Run!🚨A.I. Blockchain Tokens To Watch!🔥

The AI trade is back in full force after Nvidia's (NVDA) big earnings beat, defying fears that euphoria over the technology may have reached its peak. Meanwhile, AMD, one of the world’s biggest semiconductor makers, is providing Wormhole with hardware and advice as the interoperability app seeks to grow its zero-knowledge infrastructure.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
00:52 NVDIA Mentions Tokens
04:10 NVDIA's crypto connection
05:13 Alternate Stocks To Watch
06:34 AMD Partners With Crypto
07:07 What is Wormhole?
08:47 Wormhole Token $W
09:12 Chainlink A.I.
10:30 Yat Siu on A.I. & Social Media
12:09 Farcaster Explodes
13:09 META's open model
14:10 Render Network x Apple
15:41 Adobe
16:45 A.I. & Blockchain 10 year outlook
17:49 Outro

#Crypto #Nvidia #AI
~NVIDIA Saves Crypto Bull Run!🚨A.I. Blockchain Tokens To Watch!🔥~
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By: Paul Barron Network
Title: NVIDIA Saves Crypto Bull Run!🚨A.I. Blockchain Tokens To Watch!🔥
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